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Miss Virtual World 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by Lora Constantine on December 6, 2008

Miss Virtual World 2009

Patch Thibaud Auditorium, Second Life: The Miss Virtual World 2009 pageant was held Saturday (December 6) from 11 AM to 5 PM by Frolic Mills of “The Best of SL (BOSL)” enterprises. Set in a glitz and grand glam four-sim auditorium, the event was received by a live audience of over two hundred avatars, as presented by several judges, a dance troupe, and a cast of 18 models representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and Venezeula. At the end of the landmark event, Miss Virtual World 2009 was announced as Mimmi Boa, representing Italy.

Hosted by Frolic Mills and Giela Delpaso in live text chat, the event opened with a dance by last year’s finalists Mui Mukerji and Willamina Fitzgerald. The contestants then arrived on-stage, each standing above a small capsule-carpet of their country flag. Giela described the ethnic nature of each dress, as introductions were made by each model. Frolic then introduced the judges. The swimsuit competition followed with each model standing in her own cylindrical compartment. Next, the show featured an intermission with a dance and particle show by the Changhigh Trinity Sisters. The next round featured evening gowns, and each model was introduced centerstage before walking to the capsule flag of their country. Miss Congeniality and Miss Elegance were announced. The judges then deliberated to determine five finalists. Each of the five finalists were allowed to choose a judge, and to answer a question from the judge. Farewell was made to Miss Virtual World 2008 (Isabel Brocco), and Miss Virtual World 2009 took center stage, in a grand culmination of the event.

The event was sponsored by Nokia, 3d Concepts, First Meta, Mandinka Estates, XR Skins, Minnu Model Skins, Runway Magazine, Chateau de Versailles, AWM Advertising, and the Metaverse Broadcasting Company.

The 18 contestants were Chalice Carling (Miss Australia), Sally Yachvili (Miss Brazil), Alexa Trefoil (Miss Canada), Maxie Daviau (Miss Costa Rica), Lacey Alderson (Miss Czech Republic), Aleida Rhode (Miss Denmark), Candi Dreamscape (Miss Egypt), Tiffany Dragonash (Miss Finland), EmmZ Tzara (Miss France), ZoeAnastasia Aeon (Miss Greece), RhiannaLynn Lane (Miss Ireland), Mimmi Boa (Miss Italy), Haruka Kish (Miss Japan), Isis Seville (Miss Spain), Kate Stockholm (Miss Sweden), Barbarella Fuosing (Miss United Kingdom), Arabella Graves (Miss USA), and Kyrinnia Desmoulins (Miss Venezeula).

Miss Elegance, chosen in a Crystal Ball the week precding the event, was Haruka Kish.

Miss Congeniality, chosen by the contestants, was Kate Stockholm.

The five finalists, chosen by the judges, were Miss Italy (Mimmi Boa), Miss Brazil (Sally Yachvili), Miss Japan (Haruka Kish), Miss France (EmmZ Tzara), and Miss Australia (Chalice Carling).

The contest was judged by Elisne Allen (Model, Photographer, Miss Photogenic 2008), Devon Dinzeo (CEO, Dinzeo Designs), Joy Laperriere (VP, First Meta), Maggie Mahoney (CEO, Runway Magazine), Maximilian March (CEO, March Industries), Minnu Palen (CEO, Glam World), Raven Pennyfeather (CEO, House of Rfyre), Deco Straff (RL Lawyer, Virtual Law Specialist), and Maddox Dupont (CEO, KMADD).

Miss Virtual World 2009 was Miss Italy (Mimmi Boa).