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Miss Virtual World 2009 Enterprise Salutes Content Creators on SL

Posted in Uncategorized by Lora Constantine on February 23, 2009

Miss Virtual World 2009 Enterprise Salutes Content Creators on SL

In a virtual world where beauty is not the product of genetics and upbringing, but publicly created by intelligent design and hype, a cast of 18 Miss Virtual World 2009 contestants preen in Second Life’s biggest beauty pageant of the year. Set in Patch Thibaud Auditorium, a glitz and grand glam 4-sim auditorium 3000 metres in the sky, and held by the BOSL “Best of SL” enterprises, Miss Virtual Worlds 2009 is as sensational as it is prodigal, and it is only appropriate that Frolic Mills, the owner and master of ceremonies of the enterprise, opens the event with biblical words, “In the beginning, there was only land… and the designers created Second Life.”

Running for six hours, Miss Virtual World 2009 opened with a dance from last year’s finalists Mui Mukerji and Willamina Fitzgerald. The 18 contestants of this year’s beauty pageant then took their place next to their country flags, as co-host Giela Delpaso introduced the ethnic nature of each dress design and allowed each model to introduce herself and her country.

Frolic Mills announced the judges and opened the swimsuit competition, where each model was flaunted in a metallic cylindrical capsule stage. The Changhigh Trinity sisters performed a dance routine in an intermission before the evening gown competition, where each model, once again, paraded to centerstage to give spotlight to the country she represented.

Beneath a gleam of haze, the virtual sweat of a half-rezzed face, the pageant models braved their way through lag on the stage, each giving a brief line through text chat, representing both her country and virtual self. Many of the models attribute their appearances to the designers who created their looks, and gave thanks to them. Of note are two models who specifically mention that if they win, they would become advocates against content theft (on SL). The assertions come from ZoeAnastasia Aeon, “If I am crowned Miss Virtual World this evening, I will support content creators in the following ways. First, during the rest of my time in SL, I will respect creators’ right of property; I will not buy or promote any copied or stolen item. Second, I would teach new people to understand the hard work and art that these content creators are bringing to SL and encourage them to respect that as well.”, and EmmZ Tzara, “Should I be fortunate enough to be crowned MISS VIRTUAL WORLD, I would use this opportunity to continue to fight against content theft, the single greatest threat to our designers, and continue and increase my RL and SL associations with charitable aims, such as the fight against Autism and Traumatic Brain Injuries.”

Chosen in the Crystal Ballroom dance last week, Miss Elegance is Haruka Kish, Miss Congenility, chosen by the models themselves, is Kate Stockholm.

The judges then announced five finalists, who were each subject to a single incisive question from a judge of their choice. The questions ranged from how a model would react to find out that this year’s Miss Virtual World is actually male in RL to whether a model were bothered by SL’s materialism and emphasis on outer appearance to what a model defined as elegance. Judge Raven Pennyfeather asked what model EmmZ Tzara would do if she had an opportunity to benefit “some sort of RL Situation using SL.” EmmZ Tzara, who works with special-needs children, especially Autistic children, hopes to fundraise for such charities in SL.  Judge Minnu Palen asked if a model would sacrifice their “moral, ethical, or religious beliefs in order to win the competition.” Model Sally Yachvii responded valiently with, “Never. I’m known in SL as a strong-personality person. I react in SL same as I would in RL… I would never do something that would interfere with my principles and beliefs as a real human.”

After some deliberation, the judges arrived at naming Mimmi Boa (Miss Italy) as Miss Virtual World 2009.

Though flaunting some of the most avant garde styles in the virtual world, many of the clothing items could not load under the conditions imposed by lag. Gray textures and un-rezzed sculpted parts cast the classic Second Life look on the scene, and yet the 200 avatar audience present in the four sims enjoyed the event. Indeed, Frolic Mills, also the owner of the Patch Thibaud Auditorium, looks forward to many events in the next year.


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