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SL Shakespeare Company Changes Its Name to Metaverse Shakespeare Company

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February 22, 2010
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SL Shakespeare Company Changes Its Name to Metaverse Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare, Second Life
— Feb 22, 2010 — The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) today has finalized its name change process, and will now officially be known as the Metaverse Shakespeare Company (MSC).

“In its three years, the SL Shakespeare Company has accomplished its goal of spreading Shakespeare throughout SL via reviving his theatre and architecture on SL, and promoting affiliate events, from discussion groups to Renaissance music to non-SLSC sims,” said Ina Centaur, Artistic Director of the Metaverse Shakespeare Company. “Our new brand name better reflects our expanded mission to take Shakespeare to the metaverse—beyond just Second Life, but also OpenSim, WOW, Entropia, and other multiuser virtual worlds. Moreover, it frees up the general name of ‘SL Shakespeare’ for others to use, to continue to imbue SL with that aqua vitae of Shakespeare.”

Centaur expounds on the achievements of the Metaverse Shakespeare Company, beyond Shakespeare, “We have created the nascent industry of virtual theatre as a professional medium, and we have also put on experimental plays, contemporary pieces and original works. Many of the techniques and methods we have exposed and developed in virtual theatre, while implemented on SL, extend to any virtual world. We have evolved beyond Second Life, into the metaverse.”

The old domain of slshakespeare.com will be retained, but mshakespeare.com is now in use, “There will inevitably be some legacy items that will retain the old name. For example, old playbills and programmes will retain the old SL Shakespeare Company name, but Metaverse Shakespeare is our new brand.”

The Metaverse Shakespeare Company will maintain its relation with the Virtual Shakespeare Consortium, as curator of the most historically accurate virtual architecture relating to William Shakespeare. The Metaverse Shakespeare Company is a fiscally sponsored project of sLiterary, Inc.

The SL inworld group SL Shakespeare Company has been renamed the Metaverse Shakespeare Company.

For a full list of changes effective due to this name change, please see http://blog.mshakespeare.com/.

About the Metaverse Shakespeare Company

Headquartered in the virtual world of Second Life (SL), the Metaverse Shakespeare Company (MSC) is the flagship project of sLiterary’s Virtual Reality Shakespeare Initiative (VRSI). MSC is a professional virtual theatre company that embraces the best of what the metaverse has to offer. While it is primarily known to provide quality live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone in any location, MSC is also the curator of the most historically accurate theatres and architecture in virtual worlds relating to William Shakespeare.

Website: http://mshakespeare.com
Press Center: http://mshakespeare.com/press
Blog: http://blog.mshakespeare.com
Playbills: http://playbills.mshakespeare.com
Programmes: http://programmes.mshakespeare.com

About the Virtual Shakespeare Consortium

The Virtual Shakespeare Consortium (vSC) is a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to bringing Shakespeare and Shakespearean culture to the Internet and beyond.

About sLiterary

sLiterary, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering literary and artistic endeavors in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

About Second Life

Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its residents.

Neither the Metaverse Shakespeare Company nor sLiterary is affiliated with Linden Lab. Second Life is a trademark of Linden Lab. No infringement is intended.