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SLSC SOS Campaign January Update

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January 21, 2009
Contact: Lora Constantine

SLSC SOS Campaign January Update

Shakespeare, Second Life—The SL Shakespeare Company today announced the two-month anniversary of its SOS “Save Our Sims” Campaign. Campaign statistics are available in real-time on the Campaign website @ http://Campaign.SLshakespeare.com. Below are some Campaign notables so far:

The SOS Campaign grand total as of midnight January 21, 2009 is L$789,245.

Over 600 unique avatars donated.

Over 420 donated L$100 or more.
Over 85 donated L$1000 or more.
Over 20 donated L$5000 or more.

Over 250 donation kiosks rezzed across the grid from Anian to Zoha Island E.

The Queen Elizabeth Rainbow Gown One-of-a-Kind (created and donated by Ms. Naergilien Wunderlich) was auctioned off for L$100,000 on December 21, 2008 to Ms. Amase Levasseur, setting the record for the highest price tag on a virtual reconstruction of a historical dress.

The top three donors are Dusan Writer, Amase Levasseur, and the Rockcliffe University Consortium.

Artistic Director Ina Centaur comments, “Thank you for believing in our vision—for seeing the good that can be created within SL itself, for daring to dream about what Second Life can be… for supporting our nascent endeavor of virtual theatre with its lofty dreams of unprecedented quality to reach out to audiences in worlds beyond the virtual, and for helping to ensure our survival. The SL Shakespeare Company can’t exist without you! Thank you.”

While the initial goal of $L1.5 million was not met, the SLSC did meet its 50% goal, which would be enough to pay tier for three of its four island sims for six months, ensuring programming of several productions until then. The Campaign continues.

Both a list of current Campaign kiosks and the link to a kiosk dispenser are available at the Campaign website @ http://campaign.SLshakespeare.com

About the SL Shakespeare Company:

The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) is a resident-funded and resident- supported professional theatre company that embraces the best of what Second Life (SL) has to offer. Since 2007, we have been making history by providing extravagant and unforgettable theatrical performances on Second Life. With each show, we continue to shape the field by developing and releasing a new technology for virtual theatre on Second Life. Our vision is to make live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone anywhere with a computer to create new possibilities in entertainment, culture, and commerce for residents of a diverse, unbounded geosphere. Those are the side effects of our mission: to make Shakespeare cool again!

About the SL Shakespeare Company Campaign (Reverse-Chronological since mid-2008):


Open Auditions for the SL Shakespeare Company

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SLSC Uncle Shakes Wants You To Audition On Saturday, January 10, the SL Shakespeare Company announced its open audition information for several upcoming productions in 2009. The Company hopes to find actors to perform in its first open-ended run of “Twelfth Night: Act 1,” and other productions. The (voice) open audition will be held at the SL Globe Theatre on Saturday, January 24 at 1 PM SL Time.

The SL Shakespeare Company is Second Life’s premier professional theatre production troupe. According to artistic director Ina Centaur, “Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to creating and bringing serious theatre to Second Life. We hope to continue doing so by reaching out to and connecting the thespians around the world.” Of note from 2008, its inaugural year, the Company performed SL’s first historically accurate Elizabethan production of Hamlet, “In addition to aesthetics and meticulousness, our visual trademark has an emphasis on photorealism that transcends the normal drab SL avatar ‘look’ and needs just a touch of voice to bring the character to life.” Actors who make the cast would receive a complimentary SL skin created based on their RL face. The complete wardrobe from skin to hair to clothing would be designed by costume specialists.

For the open-ended run of Twelfth Night: Act 1, the Company hopes to cast no more than seven voice actors (and possible understudies), with an unlimited number of silent actors (actors with non-speaking roles), for at least one performance per week indefinitely. The date would be determined based on cast availability. Auditions for silent actors will be announced shortly. Those interested should join the SL Shakespeare Company group inworld.

Prospective voice actors are told to arrive early with their SL voice configured and also to be familiar with the first act of Twelfth Night, “Please be prepared to perform a passage (no more than 5 minutes) of your choice from ‘Twelfth Night: Act 1,’ a passage of my choice, and possibly another unrelated passage. See you at 1 PM on January 24th.”

For more information on the SL Shakespeare Company and updates on upcoming events, please check out their blog @ http://blog.SLshakespeare.com

Miss Virtual World 2009

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Miss Virtual World 2009

Patch Thibaud Auditorium, Second Life: The Miss Virtual World 2009 pageant was held Saturday (December 6) from 11 AM to 5 PM by Frolic Mills of “The Best of SL (BOSL)” enterprises. Set in a glitz and grand glam four-sim auditorium, the event was received by a live audience of over two hundred avatars, as presented by several judges, a dance troupe, and a cast of 18 models representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and Venezeula. At the end of the landmark event, Miss Virtual World 2009 was announced as Mimmi Boa, representing Italy.

Hosted by Frolic Mills and Giela Delpaso in live text chat, the event opened with a dance by last year’s finalists Mui Mukerji and Willamina Fitzgerald. The contestants then arrived on-stage, each standing above a small capsule-carpet of their country flag. Giela described the ethnic nature of each dress, as introductions were made by each model. Frolic then introduced the judges. The swimsuit competition followed with each model standing in her own cylindrical compartment. Next, the show featured an intermission with a dance and particle show by the Changhigh Trinity Sisters. The next round featured evening gowns, and each model was introduced centerstage before walking to the capsule flag of their country. Miss Congeniality and Miss Elegance were announced. The judges then deliberated to determine five finalists. Each of the five finalists were allowed to choose a judge, and to answer a question from the judge. Farewell was made to Miss Virtual World 2008 (Isabel Brocco), and Miss Virtual World 2009 took center stage, in a grand culmination of the event.

The event was sponsored by Nokia, 3d Concepts, First Meta, Mandinka Estates, XR Skins, Minnu Model Skins, Runway Magazine, Chateau de Versailles, AWM Advertising, and the Metaverse Broadcasting Company.

The 18 contestants were Chalice Carling (Miss Australia), Sally Yachvili (Miss Brazil), Alexa Trefoil (Miss Canada), Maxie Daviau (Miss Costa Rica), Lacey Alderson (Miss Czech Republic), Aleida Rhode (Miss Denmark), Candi Dreamscape (Miss Egypt), Tiffany Dragonash (Miss Finland), EmmZ Tzara (Miss France), ZoeAnastasia Aeon (Miss Greece), RhiannaLynn Lane (Miss Ireland), Mimmi Boa (Miss Italy), Haruka Kish (Miss Japan), Isis Seville (Miss Spain), Kate Stockholm (Miss Sweden), Barbarella Fuosing (Miss United Kingdom), Arabella Graves (Miss USA), and Kyrinnia Desmoulins (Miss Venezeula).

Miss Elegance, chosen in a Crystal Ball the week precding the event, was Haruka Kish.

Miss Congeniality, chosen by the contestants, was Kate Stockholm.

The five finalists, chosen by the judges, were Miss Italy (Mimmi Boa), Miss Brazil (Sally Yachvili), Miss Japan (Haruka Kish), Miss France (EmmZ Tzara), and Miss Australia (Chalice Carling).

The contest was judged by Elisne Allen (Model, Photographer, Miss Photogenic 2008), Devon Dinzeo (CEO, Dinzeo Designs), Joy Laperriere (VP, First Meta), Maggie Mahoney (CEO, Runway Magazine), Maximilian March (CEO, March Industries), Minnu Palen (CEO, Glam World), Raven Pennyfeather (CEO, House of Rfyre), Deco Straff (RL Lawyer, Virtual Law Specialist), and Maddox Dupont (CEO, KMADD).

Miss Virtual World 2009 was Miss Italy (Mimmi Boa).

A Premiere of Two Ballet Companies in Second Life

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A Premiere of Two Ballet Companies in Second Life

Shakespeare, Second Life and IBM, Second Life: Two virtual world ballet companies premiered new productions on Sunday, November 23, 2008. At 2 PM, “La Performance,” a new dance company, opened its high school gym-style performance of “You Are So Beautiful” in Shakespeare. At 5 PM, “Ballet Pixelle (formerly known as Second Life Ballet)” opened its Winter Season formal production of “The Nut: A Slightly Abridged Telling of The Nutcracker” in IBM 10.

La Performance’s “You Are So Beautiful” featured several acts of modern dances on a large sky platform, “SL Style” with music by Zucchero, and choreography by Jie Loon. Ballet Pixelle’s “Nut” featured a more traditional rendition of the familiar story of The Nutcracker with music by the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre Orchestra, and choreography by Inarra Saarien.

Although one does not need to possess a lithe or athletic body to dance in a virtual world, many hours of rehearsal times were devoted to perfecting the acts, especially in training the dancers’ entrances and animation activations. Both companies feature “free form” dancers, where the dancers are not on scripted paths, but have to maneuver with their arrow keys precisely in finger acrobatics. Ballet Pixelle features original animations created by their artistic director Inarra Saarien.

While lag is always an issue with virtual performances, about 50 audience members flocked to each premieres. Each show ran for about 45 minutes. Shows are every Sunday at 2 PM for La Performance, and every Sunday at 5 PM for Ballet Pixelle.

SL Shakespeare SOS Fundraiser

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SL Shakespeare SOS Fundraiser

Shakespeare, Second Life: Though hinted at on more than one occasion, Ina Centaur yesterday officially announced the SL Shakespeare Company’s SOS “Save Our Sims” Fundraising Campaign-its purpose, according to Centaur, is to meet “a modest though desperately needed sum to pay land tier fees to Linden Lab.” Through funding from microeconomics a la a grid-wide network of donation kiosks, the “SOS” campaign goal is to meet L$1.5 million by January 21, 2009, which at the current LindeX rate for selling would translate to about USD$5300, meeting six month’s tier for three of the island sims that host the SL Globe Theatre venue and similarly daring literary and artistic projects. Centaur plans to fund the fourth sim through her own endeavors, to keep the SL Globe Theatre four sims in size, as well as to continue existing endeavors on the sims in trying to make the enterprise self-sufficient.

At high noon on November 21st, Ina Centaur, Artistic Director of the SL Shakespeare Company, greeted a small crowd of fans and supporters at the SL Globe Theatre before launching a speech that revealed the funding state of the Company, as well as some unexpected humanitarian results of their endeavors. The Company’s performances have reached both those in rural areas and also low-income urban districts, introducing many to the culture of theatre and Shakespearean performances. Centaur summarized with the words, “Perhaps the greatest thing that has evolved from our endeavors is that it has become a truly humanitarian cause that we are fighting for-to bring theatre to the farthest reaches of the world, to give Shakespeare to those who would not have had the chance to experience his words in the live and intimate form they were written for, to use this nascent medium to bring the most quintessential culture to the metaverse and beyond.”

Various donation kiosks are available for those who wish to help the SL Shakespeare Company in their campaign. Supporters may drop by the SL Globe Theatre or the Campaign headquarters, directly to obtain copies of kiosks. The Campaign website contains up-to-the-second stats and other information, as well as links to the inworld Campaign headquarter to obtain kiosks http://campaign.SLshakespeare.com

Centaur explained that a 4-sim venue is a necessity for their shows, “To make sure all can attend, and to minimize the lag.” In addition, the sims listed on the main SOS banners-sLiterary, Shakespeare, and Primtings-also support several other notable literary and artistic projects. Centaur stated the best way to find out about each is to spend some time exploring the sims, or to visit their campaign website above for brief summaries.

Although many may consider Centaur’s activites to be merely great art, after mentioning a few examples of lives their endeavors have touched, she summarized their goal as of a greater significance, “Our goal is to create good within Second Life for the world to thrive from-because it is possible. We have been doing it, and we want to continue doing it, but we won’t be able to if we become homeless-we would have neither the energy or the base to go from.”

Centaur concluded the session with the haunting words, “You are our last hope. If you can’t help us, then I’m afraid to say we are truly lost.”

PR: The SL Shakespeare Company Returns to Shakespeare with Twelfth Night- In Their Usual Trademarked Extravagance…

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The SL Shakespeare Company Returns to Shakespeare with Twelfth Night- In Their Usual Trademarked Extravagance…

Shakespeare, Second Life: The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) will perform a full ensemble performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: Act 1 in a special short-run advance miniseason as part of their Fall Season 2008 repertoire. Opening on SLSC Thursday, November 13th (following a “sneak peek” on November 12th), the full-length Act 1 is the first part of the culmination of a summer’s worth of rehearsal-performances in SLSC’s tag-team staged reading series of Twelfth Night. Maintaining their tradition of visual and theatrical extravagance, the miniproduction also introduces the usage of multiple rotating sets, incognito animation preloading, global lighting and weather control to SLSC stagecraft technologies. Live dynamic camera control by a director finetunes the performance with a cinematic appeal, while international subtitles, the SLSC’s “Pay as you Will” philosophy, and the play’s location in the confluence of four island simulators of the SL Globe Theatre make the performance accessible to as many as possible.

Directed by Ina Centaur and Voice Directed by Enniv Zarf, the production stars MadameThespian Underhill, Joff Fassnacht, Prospero Frobozz, Ludo Merit, Maedin Tureaud, and Lorne Harlequin, and also a motley cast of “silent actors” who create a different variation of a background crowd each time.

Miniseason schedule (All times SLT or GMT-8):
Wednesday, Nov 12 – 11 am “sneak peek”
Thursday, Nov 13 – high noon
Friday, Nov 14 – 1 PM
Saturday, Nov 15 – 2 pm – (ticketed)*
Sunday – no show
Monday, Nov 17 – high noon

* Most of our shows at the SL Globe Theatre are free, but VIP/ticketed shows

charge a nominal admissions fee of L$500. The smaller audience may entice.

ABOUT The Company: <<<
The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) is a resident-funded and resident-
supported professional theatre company that embraces the best of what
Second Life (SL) has to offer. Since 2007, we have been making history by
providing extravagant and unforgettable theatrical performances on Second
Life. With each show, we continue to shape the field by developing and re-
leasing a new technology for virtual theatre on Second Life. Our vision is to
make live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone anywhere with a com-
puter to create new possibilities in entertainment, culture, and commerce for
residents of a diverse, unbounded geosphere. Those are the side effects of
our mission: to make Shakespeare cool again!
Latest News: http://blog.SLshakespeare.com

ABOUT The SL Globe Theatre <<<
SL Globe Theatre, sLiterary is a virtual reconstruction of the Original Globe
Theatre that historians conjecture stood in Shakespeare’s days. It is meticulously
adapted as a functioning theatre in the massively multiuser virtual world of Second
Life. The SL Globe Theatre is the most historically accurate rendition of the Globe
Theatre on the Internet. Its SL rendition is set in the confluence of 4 island simulators
– thus allowing for the maximal number of local audience members.
Web preview: http://visit.SLshakespeare.com

SL Globe Theatre Pit entrance: http://SLurl.com/secondlife/Shakespeare/255/255/25
SL Globe Theatre Main entrance: http://SLurl.com/secondlife/sLiterary/23/13/23
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L$460,000 Virtual Dress Makes Real Life History in Rare Finds RFL Charity Auction

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L$460,000 Virtual Dress Makes Real Life History in Rare Finds RFL Charity Auction

Luxury, Second Life: Within the heart of a virtual metropolitan warehouse, a six hour charity fashion show and auction stocked with limited edition, rare-to-find, and also one-of-a-kind virtual fashions comes to fruition raising some significant dollars to benefit American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (RFL) endeavor. During this event, virtual history was made when a bidding war ended at L$460,000 for a virtual dress. This is the final RFL event sponsored by the Designers in Seclusion (DiS) group in conjunction with Metro Models. The team raised nearly L$700,000 today, bringing the DiS RFL team to third place with a total of L$2,274,334 raised.

The auction began with a virtual fashion history course in 3d with apparel from the late Ginny Talamasca’s no-longer-on-the-market Last Call line. Models emerged magically from the depths of a wardrobe in the wall, stepping into the brick warehouse. They paused momentarily at midpoint, before advancing down to the pinnacle at the end of the warehouse’s clearing softened by Persian carpets. Several other no-longer-on-the-market items were shown including apparel from Catharsis, Dazzle, GHOST, and Sand Shack Surf Co. Three one of a kind and “very limited” items graced the runway, created by Eshi Otawara’s Chambre du Chocolat, Sioxie Legend’s SWA, and Ina Centaur’s IC-Skins _AR Another Realism.

The six hour event climaxed when Eshi Otawara’s Fish-hook dress caught fire in a bidding war between several RFL patrons and fashionistas, ultimately skyrocketing the bid to L$460,000 in mere minutes. This final amount made virtual history as the highest winning bid on a virtual dress. This single virtual dress sold for close to USD$2000, making also first life history as a formidable price even for a real dress. Eshi Otawara, the notable first life artist and the creator of this dress recovers from fainting to say to the mic, “This dress is my first one I ever made. I am thrilled beyond words that something I have created had made such a great contribution to American Cancer Society and I am very greatful to Miss Kay Fairey and MIss Clarabelle Cazlet for their generosity.”

Alaska Metropolitan, founder of Metro Models, choreographed and designed the event. After delivering a score of auction items to their owners, Alaska took a moment to breathe and say to the press, “I’m still kind of stunned at the total from today’s event. What the audience sees is a (hopefully) seamless fashion show with choreographed models… what happens backstage is a lot of work and chaos. Today made it all worth it. People’s generosity and love of virtual fashion makes things like this possible. I’m insanely proud of the models, and Tigerlily Koi. And I’m so grateful to the Designers in Seclusion who contributed stuff for the auction. Thank you… let’s keep working towards a way to beat cancer.”

After a period of speechlessness, Tigerlily Koi, the auction host and founder-captain of the DiS and DiS RFL groups, gives her testimonial, “I think it’s amazing to see so many people come together, for such an important cause. As a first-time team captain, I’m SO proud of my team, and so grateful for their support of me and most especially of Relay for Life. I’m humbled to be a part of such an amazing effort.”

At the end of the auction, Team DiS, in conjunction with all of the Second Life supporters of RFL, broke the USD$160,000 mark, making this the most financially successful year for RFL yet.

About DiS:

The Designers in Seclusion, aka DiS, is a content-creator’s group with over 150 designers. Although each designer is often too busy “secluded in Photoshop” or other creation, the group provides both support and remote socialization for these busy creators of Second Life. Earlier this summer, the group launched the historic RFL Prom event, debuting in “Memory Lane Memorial” high school, an extremely detailed nostalgic high school build, now used in several major machinima’s. Notably, the group has also been the epicenter of several content creator right’s movements, famous grid-wide scavenger hunts, and other coordinated fashion and virtual business events.

About Metro Models:

Founded in Fall 2007 by Alaska Metropolitan, a first life graphic designer and fashion model, Metro Models is a fashion agency that aims to be different through innovation and interesting show themes, and a dedication to quality events, photography, and advertising services. Shows of note include the New Shoots series for new designers, and the Shine charity fundraiser of Winter 2007 for MSF/Doctors Without Borders. Metro Models also publishes a quarterly virtual fashion magazine called, appropriately, Metro Virtual Fashion.