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PR: The “Pantheon SL” to open in sLiterary-Primtings

Posted in Uncategorized by Lora Constantine on November 1, 2010

The “Pantheon SL” opens in sLiterary-Primtings
Contact: Lora Constantine
Date: November 1, 2010

sLiterary and Primtings, Second Life—The Pantheon, “the most celebrated edifice in all the world,” in RL is now in 1000+ prim sculpted goodness on SL. Grand Opening on December 4, 2010 in the arts mecca 4-sims of sLiterary, the Pantheon SL hopes to serve as a virtual shrine—“to all the gods.” Straddling the borders of the sLiterary and Primtings sim, the “Pantheon SL” is directly east of the 4-sim SL Globe Theatre, with the portico on the southern border of sLiterary, and the rotunda on the northern border of Primtings.

Based on Antoine Desgodetz’s sketches from the Renaissance era, the Pantheon SL shows several historic features not on the modern restoration of the Pantheon RL in Rome. The attics have been ostensibly modified for SL, with easy fly-in entrances and fall-out exits. Visitors are given angel wings, and “encouraged to fly to the top of the rotunda, to the oculus and out, and in.” They also have a chance to donate to SL relics. According to Ina Centaur, executive director of Primtings and sLiterary, “For kicks, we’d also have a scripted ‘Bocca della Verita’, where those who hold weddings here can put their hands inside this stone lion’s mouth and risk having their hand chomped off if they’re lying… Due to limited space in the sims, we’re going to be putting other fun Italian-esque things here!”

Created by Daedalus Ferina as a rezday present for Ina Centaur, the building will be a permanent structure—“for as long as these four sims stand, before we can’t raise enough funds for SL tier and absolutely have to move off to OpenSim!” In a lighter air, Ina Centaur jubilantly declared, “This is one of the neatest two sim birthday cakes I’ve received yet!”

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sLiterary: WoWA Returns with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga

Posted in Uncategorized by Lora Constantine on January 25, 2009

sLiterary, Second Life—Beginning February 1, 2009, WoWA (“Works of Women Authors”) will be reading and discussing Stephenie Meyer’s epic #1 bestselling novel Twilight in conjunction with Twilight SL. All are invited to attend the group’s daily and weekly sessions: 7 PM SLT (GMT-8), Mondays thru Saturdays, and 3 PM SLT on Sundays. The discussions are tentatively held at the Long Discussion House, sLiterary or the Blackfriars Theatre, Shakespeare. Details will be posted at http://twilightsl.com

The discussions will progress at roughly a chapter a day on Mondays thru Saturdays, with a recap of the past week’s six chapters on Sundays, to finish the twenty-four chapters of Twilight in the twenty-eight days of February, 2009. Participants may wish to finish reading the novel before February to engage in more advanced discussions through the month.

While the discussions are designed to be informal, and the topics variable, the group hopes to critically analyze the novel to discover both insights in the saga itself, as well as the craft of fiction.

About WoWA

WoWA, a.k.a., “Works of Women Authors” is a sLiterary initiative with the purpose of bringing awareness to literary works written by female authors. WoWA events usually manifest in the form of a discussion group that meets on Second Life to (critically) discuss literary works written by women. The group has analyzed in depth over the period of several months the works of Ayn Rand, Virginia Woolf, and Mary Shelley. While the group has traditionally studied works by non-contemporary authors, the group is now venturing into contemporary authors.

About sLiterary

With humble beginnings as a literary magazine and discussion group formed in mid-2006, sLiterary is now a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering literary and artistic endeavors in Second Life and virtual worlds. In addition to sLiterary Magazine, a literary journal dedicated to “fiction set in the virtual world of Second Life”, sLiterary actively supports several major initiatives, notably the SL Shakespeare Company, the sLiterary Art & Writing Gallery, and Primtings Museum. Various literary and artistic events of note are held in the sLiterary sims.

About Twilight SL

Twilight SL is a new group on Second Life dedicated to connecting Twilight fans on Second Life to do Twilight-related things on SL! Planned activities include in-depth discussions of the Saga, RP, fan fiction creation and critique, machinima, photography, and more! Please join the Twilight SL group for updates. More info @ http://twilightSL.com !

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